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The Helsinki Klezmer Festival, a festival of klezmer, or Jewish Eastern European music, is taking place in Helsinki for the fifth time. The Finnish Klezmer Society is organizing the festival, and the concerts are at the Savoy Theatre.

In cooperation with the Sibelius Acadamy, the festival is presenting a klezmer music course with the musicians of the Kharkov Klezmer Band (Ukraine/Germany) as teachers. Simo Muir, Ph.D, is giving a lecture about klezmer music in Finland, and violinist and composer Mark Kovnatskiy is teaching Jewish dancing. A new feature of the festival is the production of Sholem Aleikhem’s play “Mazl-Tov!” After a successful run last fall, the play is returning to the Universum Theater in the Betania building, and once again the theater is home to the sounds of the Yiddish language!

We are also continuing the previous festivals’ tradition: after the concerts, the music-making continues in the Bulevardi Kahvisalonki with lively jam sessions.

We welcome you warmly to experience, enjoy, and also participate in the events of the Helsinki Klezmer Festival!


Concerts in the SAVOY Theater:
Saturday December 8, Dobranotch (Russia)
Sunday December 9, Konsonans Retro & Christian Dawid (Ukraine/Germany)
Tuesday December 11, Kharkov Klezmer Band (Germany/Ukraine)

The Savoy Theatre

Lecture: "The Roots of Finnish Klezmer"
Dance Course
Mazl-Tov! a play in the Yiddish language
Master Class
Klezmer Jams

Saturday, December 8, 8pm at the Savoy Theatre (Kasarmikatu 46-48)
Tickets 24 € / 22 €


Mitia Khramtsov (Russia) – violin, voice
Jeka Lizin (Russia) – cimbalom, percussion, voice
Andrey Sapkevich (Moldova) – accordion, voice
Osama Shakhin (Lebanon) – percussion, voice
Alexey Stepanov (Russia) – tuba

Dobranotch Dobranotch

Dobranotch is a band from St. Petersburg which includes musicians from Moldova, Russia, and Lebanon. The band finds its inspiration in Balkan, Jewish, and Middle Eastern sources. The sobbing Jewish violin, the unusually beautiful sound of the cimbalom, the Oriental rhythms of the drums, and the power of the brass come together in the band’s unique sound!

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Sunday, December 9, 8pm at the Savoy Theatre
Tickets 24 € / 22 €
Konsonans Retro

Vasyl Baranovsky – trumpet, accordion
Oleksandr Voronyuk – tuba
Vitaly Baranovsky – trombone
Guy Schalom – drums
Christian Dawid – klarinet, saxophone
Volodymyr Voronyuk – trumpet
Volodymyr Baranovsky – accordion
Vyacheslav Baranovsky – drums


Konsonans Retro, a brass family ensemble from Kodyma, a town near Odessa in the Ukraine, is at the moment one of the most interesting groups on the Eastern European ethnic music scene. Starting several generations ago, the Baranovsky family and close relatives have played passionate and touching wedding music in Podolia, as well as a mix of Moldavian, Ukranian, and Jewish music. Several members of the group sing as well as play. In 2006, the first-rate Berlin-based clarinetist Christian Dawid joined the band. Since then, Konsonans Retro has received considerable attention and attracted thousands of fans to their concerts in Poland, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and Ukraine. Their first album "A Podolian Affair" was released in March 2007 on the Oriente Musik label in Berlin.

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KHARKOV KLEZMER BAND (Ukraine / Germany)
Tuesday, December 11, 8pm at the Savoy Theatre
Tickets 24 € / 22 €

Stanislav Rayko – violin
Genadi fomin – clarinet
Valeri Polonsky – accordion
Artjom Kolentsuk – double bass
Evgenija Lopatnik – voice

Dobranotch Dobranotch

Kharkov Klezmer Band was formed in 1999 in the Ukraine. The band consists of five musicians who play traditional acoustic instruments: violin, clarinet, accordion, and double bass. They have performed in England, Austria, Estonia, Canada, and Latvia. The leader of the band, Stanislav Rayko, has performed and held klezmer masterclasses around the world, in places such as Paris, Vienna, Budapest, St. Petersburg, Kiev, and Tallinn.

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Saturday, December 12, 2007 2-3pm at the Savoy Theatre
The Savoy Theatre
Kasarmikatu 46-48
Lecture topic: "The Roots of Finnish Klezmer"
Lecturer: Simo Muir, Ph. D.

Free entrance

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Dance Course

Teacher: Mark Kovnatskiy

Saturday, December 8, 10am-3pm
Sunday, December 9, 11am-2pm

The Alexander Theatre, Bulevardi 23-27, Pylkkäsen Hall
The Alexander Theatre

  • for members of the Helsinki Klezmer Society 25 Euro 1 day or 40 Euro for both days
  • for non-members: 30 Euro one day or 55 Euro for both days
Please transfer payment to the Finnish Klezmer Society’s bank account and bring the receipt to the course: Handelsbanken 313130-1219781

Registration: Minna Vartiala, tel. 040 756 3184, text message if possible
Mark Kovnatskiy
Mark Kovnatskiy
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MAZL-TOV! a play in the Yiddish language

Tickets 21€ / 18€
Tickets can be reserved at the Jewish Community office, tel. 09 586 03123 (Mon.-Fri. 9am-3pm)

Saturday, December 8, 2007, 6pm
Sunday, December 9, 2007, 2pm and 6pm
Monday, December 10, 2007, 6pm
Tuesday, December 11, 2007, 6pm

Mazl-Tov! Mazl-Tov!

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In cooperation with the Sibelius Academy, Kutomotie 9, Pitäjänmäki

Teachers: Stanislav Rayko, violin and Genadi Fomin, clarinet

50€ for the whole course or 20€ for one day

Please transfer payment to the Finnish Klezmer Society’s bank account and bring the receipt to the course: Handelsbanken 313130-1219781

Additional information and registration:
Eva Jacob gsm: +358 50 555 7129

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Saturday, December 8, 2007, following the concert, approx. 9:45pm
Sunday, December 9, 2007, following the concert, approx. 9:45pm
Monday, December 10, 2007 8pm
Tuesday, December 11, 2007, following the concert, approx. 9:45pm

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Produced by the Finnish Klezmer Society